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Five Acre Barn, Leiston, Suffolk: hotel review

With adventurous contemporary architecture, cool styling and a warm welcome, this is a chic alternative to Suffolk’s many old-fashioned, chintzy B&Bs

To most first-time visitors, the Suffolk coast seems a sleepy kind of place. Cut off by a lack of main roads (either refreshing or frustrating, depending on your perspective), its Constable landscapes remain largely unchanged, its coastal towns and villages yielding to a bygone idyll of rowing boats (Thorpeness), faded Victorian architecture (Aldeburgh) and wind-whipped walks and crabbing (Walberswick). It seems peculiar that an area such as this, so obviously ripe for swooning urbanites, has so few decent places to stay – other than full holiday houses or chintzy B&Bs.

Those who like mid-century furniture are in for a treat. There’s Ercol everywhere


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