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Amsterdam gets tough on antisocial behaviour from tourists

City’s popularity with stag parties prompts hefty on-the-spot fines aimed at young British and Dutch men

Partying tourists in Amsterdam are being sent a sobering new message: antisocial behaviour will be met with on-the-spot fines. The Enjoy and Respect campaign has been launched jointly by the city’s marketing body, council, police and hospitality industries, in an effort to point out that even in a city that is all about freedom, nuisance tourism has a price.

Urinating in a canal, for instance, risks a fine of €140; public drunkenness will cost €95. Disturbing the peace in public places or dropping litter – in theory, even a cigarette butt – could also cost €140. Adverts on the street and on social media help to underline that doing the right thing is free.

People are welcome here but have to treat the city and the citizens with respect


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