‘It was like hell to work there’: hotel workers break their silence | XPLOREX

‘It was like hell to work there’: hotel workers break their silence

Staff at upscale Terranea Resort claim they were subject to repeated sexual harassment as California bill to end abuse stalls

Just outside of Los Angeles in Ranchos Palos Verdes, the Terranea Resort boasts fine dining, a golf course, scenic beachfront views, and accommodations ranging from luxury guest rooms to private, secluded villas. While it may be a paradise for guests, resort workers claim they are subjected to a culture that has enabled sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The Terranea Resort, which has hosted conferences attended by luminaries including Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, first came under scrutiny for harboring sexual harassers in summer 2017, when a former dishwasher and chef assistant, Sandra Pezqueda, filed a sexual harassment and assault lawsuit against the resort and the staffing agency that employed her to work there.

We need to confront how women are treated in this country starting from the bottom on up. 66% of hotel workers and 40% of fast-food workers say they have experienced sexual harassment. https://t.co/WdBUi79fAh

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